7 considerations that make 360⁰ feedback useful.

22 August 2018

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7 considerations that make 360⁰ feedback useful.

If you are receiving or facilitating the delivery of 360⁰ feedback, keep these seven points in mind. It’ll increase the likelihood that the 360⁰ feedback will be transformational.

1. The purpose of 360⁰ feedback is to promote the success of the business and the individual in the business.

2. It’s about ‘us’, not just about ‘you’.

The feedback-giver and the organisation want to benefit from this, as well as the feedback receiver.

3. It is a vehicle for the system to better articulate and understand its needs of the individual and vice versa.

Help the organisation by helping team members articulate, understand and refine their relational needs toward the individual being coached.

4. The information is  a perception about the relationship between the provider and the receiver of the feedback.

360⁰ feedback should be used to start new conversations.

The nature of the new dialogue with others in the organisation should have the aim of promoting success for them as well, not just for the receiver of the feedback.

Feedback-givers need to tap into their memory and experience of the way the feedback-receiver has impacted them through their relationship, over time. So, for the feedback to be truly meaningful, it has to be located in context.

Which means…

5. The feedback is inherently subjective. It isn’t ‘truth’; it’s their perception of your impact in relation to their needs.

6. It can help to imagine that you know who provided anonymous feedback; that gives you opportunity to query and clarify its meaning, and their experience and expectations of you, and to begin a dialogue to improve the effectiveness of your relationship.

The most valuable aspect of open feedback (i.e. not anonymous) is the implicit invitation to engagement and dialogue that it offers.

7. The 360⁰ process can expose new options for the receiver to instigate needed engagement with colleagues that facilitates improved relational effectiveness.

The dialogue that ensues is possibly the most valuable change opportunity for the giver and receiver to transform and improve the effectiveness of their relationship.

Remember that if the receiver knew how to do all this they’d probably be doing it already. Hiring a skilful coach can assist in experimenting with new required behaviours.



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