Coaching for Organisations

Coaching for Organisations

Organisational coaching solutions that break the mould and accomplish more.

Executive coaching isn’t just for individuals. It can help an entire organisation overcome challenges, grow faster and achieve its goals.  We offer a full programme of ‘Coaching for Organisations’ solutions, including one-to-one executive coaching for senior staff, entire departments and teams.

Why coaching for organisations?

A changing business landscape

The world of business has entered the digital revolution. Teams are more spread out, more workers are remote, and technology has both accelerated and complicated day-to-day business. In this new world, it’s easy to forget the unique skills a human workforce has to offer a business. As patterns of working and the rules of engagement continue to change, tapping into its potential is more challenging than ever. The creativity and social skills of people can lead to new ideas, better collaboration, communication, and sales – but only if the individual or team is fully functioning. That’s where coaching for organisations comes in.

We help change mindsets and resolve conflict in your organisation, by encouraging individuals to…


Key benefits

  • Gain new approaches to difficult situations
  • Raise awareness of unhelpful patterns
  • Improve outcomes for your business
  • Motivate teams and increase productivity
  • Improve collaboration across virtual teams
  • Develop high-performing teams and individuals
  • Attract and retain talent

Signals for when to use coaching for organisations

  • Your leaders would like to improve interpersonal skills and reponses
  • The organisation, or its leaders, are stalled in an unhelpful pattern
  • Your organisation is facing growth challenges
  • Something doesn’t feel right in your business
  • Your Board of Directors is unable to offer a clear path for the CEO
  • Leaders in your organisation lack the space in which to explore
  • Your leaders have issues in deploying resources to meet their goals
  • Your company’s leaders need support to succeed in new roles

Modern coaching approaches

We offer modern coaching approaches that combine psychological and relational coaching methods. Our coaching approaches are well suited to the next generation of executives and prepare them for the challenges they face in the modern business world. This means your leaders and teams will always receive the most relevant support they need and accomplish more for your organisation.

Flexible and accessible

Our services are available anywhere, anytime via video conferencing and in person. We also offer flexible plans to suit the needs of your organisation.

Exclusively for business

We exclusively work with senior executives and organisations looking to accelerate business performance and transform their organisations.

We are masters-qualified and accredited coaches from the world leading Ashridge Business School and EMCC members. We also have an extensive track record in large international businesses.

Working with Oyster, means you’re working with the best.


We operate in an industry built on trust and communication. That’s why we’re ready and waiting to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create the perfect executive coaching solutions for you and your business’ needs. You can either drop us a quick note in the form below or call us on +41 79 346 0486