Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Your thinking partner.

We can help you broaden your perspectives when the right course of action becomes unclear.

In executive leadership coaching, I work with my clients to clarify the nature of the situation that brings them to coaching and its wider contexts. Together, we explore  how they experience it, in order to help them gain awareness of ways they may proceed differently, and achieve meaningful change. ~ Paul Watkins, Founder & Lead Coach.

The value of executive leadership coaching?

A challenging new world

In the age of the digital revolution, the world of business is moving quicker then ever. This new landscape means leaders are faced with increased competition, new patterns of working, and stakeholder relationships that are increasingly complex and ever-evolving.

Forward thinking organisations are harnessing ‘modern’ approaches. Executive coaching can provide fresh perspectives, and support senior leaders and their teams in combatting contemporary challenges.

How can leaders benefit from executive coaching?

  • Gain new insights into your situation and personal challenges
  • Enhance your decision-making skills, impact change and accomplish more
  • Be more effective with your situational responses and interpersonal skills
  • Increase confidence and conviction to scale your company and grow revenue
  • Obtain better outcomes for you and your business
  • Transformational change that is sustainable into the future

Signals for when to use executive leadership coaching

  • Your goals are clear, but you’re unsure how to progress toward them
  • Business challenges are clouding your usual decision making processes
  • You have a feeling of conflict, confusion or disorientation at work
  • You’re struggling with your work-life balance and how to manage stress

How does executive coaching work?

We engage our clients in a process of exploration. Through dialogue and experimentation, we help the client gain a fuller awareness of their situation and, from that, a better understanding of where they are. We assist them in choosing what change needs to happen and how to go about provoking it.

We challenge our clients to move towards discomfort; to explore, discover and change. We encourage them to be curious and look at their world differently. We explore their organisational context and the relationships that they have within it.

We will have confidence in you and so we won’t lecture or try to tell you how to do your job.

Modern coaching approaches

We believe that change, and improved performance, is realised through developing an awareness of our clients’ self and the web of key relationships that operate around them.

We offer modern coaching approaches that combine psychological and relational coaching methods. Our coaching approaches are up-to-date and well suited to the new challenges faced by leaders in the modern business world. This means you’ll always receive the most relevant support you need to improve performance and accomplish more.

Open Access Programme

We offer coachees an Open Access Programme. This runs for a duration of six months and includes up to eight coaching sessions. Each session has a duration of between one and two hours, depending on the client’s preference. Coaching can be anytime, anywhere, either face-to-face or via video link (e.g. Skype). Clients often have a preference between face-to-face or video sessions. We find that remote sessions and face-to-face sessions are equally effective, so it’s entirely up to you.

The Open Access Programme also allows for a level of email and telephone support between sessions, so there’s always support when you most need it.

Exclusively for leaders

We exclusively work with senior leaders looking to improve awareness for the complex business environments they’re faced with. Our clients are usually seeking a transformation in  their outlook and wish to gain the skills needed for sustainable self-improvement at the end of the coaching journey.

We are masters-qualified and accredited coaches from the world leading Ashridge Business School and EMCC members. We also have an extensive track record in working in large international businesses. Working with Oyster, means you’re working with the best.


We operate in an industry built on trust and communication. That’s why we’re ready and waiting to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create the perfect executive coaching solutions for you and your business’ needs. You can either drop us a quick note in the form below or call us on +41 79 346 0486